Fantasy Flight Games Legend of the Five Rings: Campaigns of Conquest (Gra W Wersji Angielskiej)



In the aftermath of the Emperor’s death, the Great Clans of Rokugan scrabble for power. Some search for certainty amidst the storm, others use the chaos in the Imperial City to solidify their own base of power. The virtues of Bushido have guided samurai from every clan through countless dangers, but the pressure is building and the cracks in the Empire are beginning to show…As the next piece of the Dominion cycle, Legend of the Five Rings: Campaigns of Conquest leans into the biggest themes of the cycle, boasting three dynasty deck events and nine cards with the new rally keyword.New cards for each of the seven Great Clans enhance their deckbuilding options, while a new Lion stronghold invites Lion Clan players to explore a new type of deck centered on your Bushi. Can you safeguard the future of the Emerald Empire and uphold your clan’s honor?

Fantasy Flight Games

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